Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Second Childhood?

Well, I finally gave in and let my husband Ovid buy a bike! And what a bike! We rode it Sunday afternoon for about a half hour, laughing so hard we could hardly pedal! Yes, we bought a bicycle built for two! On our way home from the Martinsburg Hospital where Ovid had an echo cardiogram (routine test), we saw a man selling bikes from his front yard, so we stopped to look. He adjusted the front seat for me and told us it is hard for a man to adjust to being in the back seat where the power pedals are-- men normally want to be in the driver's seat, so it takes communication, coordination and working together to really get adjusted to a bicycle for two. As newly weds (8 years), we can always learn more about communication and working together!

Well, we took it for a test ride Sunday afternoon, since the man who sold it to us said if we did not like it, we could bring it back. We got on, balanced ourselves, and headed down the hill-- what fun! With cool air whizzing past our faces, the exhilaration was great! We felt like children released from an unwanted chore to go flying out the door! That is, until Ovid thought I was going into the ditch on the side of the road and got frustrated that his handle bars attached to my seat did NOT give him the power to turn the bike! The seller told us the bike would be different than a single seater-- we just had to learn HOW different! It also did not help that my seat was slightly loose and when Ovid tried to steer from the back, he kept turning my seat! We were laughing so hard we had to stop in the middle of the road-- my tears were blinding my steering ability!

Ovid had brought the tools to reset my seat, and once he could not move my seat around, we managed to have a great ride! It sure is a cardiac workout on the uphill-- I was in a full sweat. But the exercise for my knees is wonderful. I can feel the workout on my thighs and flexibility on my knees without so much weight bearing pain as when we take walks. My left knee gets replaced Oct. 5th, and hopefully I can strengthen my muscles in both legs before the surgery, and also ride the bike after surgery to restore flexibility in the left knee. God is so good! We have not laughed that hard in ages!

Thought you would want to know what us old folks are up to!

Proverbs 17:22 A merry heart doeth good like a medicine: but a broken spirit drieth the bones.


  1. We have to practice more before we get someone to take pictures of us! We are also practicing singing "Daisy, Daisy..." -- one of us can carry a tune so far!

  2. I love it!!! I can just picture you laughing with tears! I agree with Sharon above, please share a picture!

    We love you!!!!

  3. Oh yes! A pictures definitely! This post just put a huge smile in my heart . . . I know Charity will smile and maybe even laugh when she reads it as well. I hope you can keep it up because it will probably be so great healthwise AND just for general fun and enjoyment! (Don't forget your bike helmets for safety!)

  4. What a joyful post! Thank you and yes...I plan to share it with my husband :)