Monday, February 28, 2011

Long Time No See!

Dear friends,

This year has been one of the most hectic years in a long time! We have spent almost more time on the road than at home. My blogging was very neglected as a result.

In June we traveled to Williamsburg with friends and adopted more "grandchildren" into our family. Then we attended the graduation of two of our "granddaughters" -- the sisters who have spent time with us, learning to slipcover couches and make patterns, and who organized all my sewing tools! (See

We also spent time this summer and winter in the car driving my Brazilian nephew (here for piano courses at Morefield University) to many places, including Washington, DC, Ohio, Kentucky, through Maryland to Pennsylvania, and back to West Virginia, and on to South Carolina. What a joy to have him in our home, especially since we have not seen him since 2004. He treated us to many piano concerts in our home and several other places.

In September, my daughter Jennie took me to England to help with her three young daughters on her Jane Austen's England tour! What a wonderful time we had together, touring England in its best weather, and visiting old friends whom we have not seen for years. While we were there, my husband traveled to visit friends in Georgia and Florida, ending up going on a camping trip in Alabama with Jennie's husband and sons, before picking me up in the Atlanta airport on my return from England.

From Atlanta, Ovid and I went directly to Ohio to visit his oldest daughter and her family, and also to see my youngest daughter's family. We finally made it home to unpack after living out of a suitcase four weeks! We thought we were home for a long time, after being away. But...

In October, Ovid's doctor wanted to do a biopsy for prostate problems, however, Ovid declined, looking for alternatives to the invasive procedure. At the same time, my doctor found my thyroid and parathyroid were not functioning properly and put me on a natural thyroid medication. I was having problems absorbing food, with severe allergy symptoms after eating most foods.

We made the decision to follow a 90 day program which included fasting for 8 days, a total body cleanse, avoiding processed "foods" and chemical toxins found in them, and eating organic foods. With no place near us to find healthy fresh foods, we decided to move to Pennsylvania for the 90 days and live near my son, where there are abundant sources for raw milk, pastured, soy-free eggs, organic meats and fresh veggies. It is difficult to have two different ways of eating, so at the beginning we decided both of us would follow the diet.

In November, we moved into the "Grandparents cottage" attached to my son's house and began our new eating program. It was not complicated, but our frequent travels during this time challenged our eating. Everywhere we went, our own cooler filled with real food and the blender were our constant companions! Since Ovid pastors a church, we had to travel back to West Virginia on weekends (with cooler and blender!); then travel back to Pennsylvania for the rest of the week.

We finally adjusted to the travel routine, and by the time our 90 days were over, we had seen good results of our eating program. After a new round of blood work, my doctor found my thyroid improved, cholesterol and triglyceride levels greatly changed for the better, and Ovid and I had each lost 15 pounds. There is still room for improvement in both of us, but this is only the beginning of our new way of eating REAL food!

We have moved back into our West Virginia home, but have decided to go to PA one week out of each month to purchase milk, eggs, meats and veggies-- and to spend time with my son and his wife and our precious grandchildren who are great encouragers to us. Without them helping us and cheering us on, we could not have made this change in our lives. Living next door to our children and grandchildren for nearly four months has taught us much about maintaining good family relationships in times of stress. God is so good to give us family and friends who have prayed for us at this time in our lives!

To God be the glory, great things He has done!